Sport’s Achievemtns of Ms. Vahbiz Bharucha (Student of Sancheti college of physiotherapy Pune)

Author of Article: DR. Gajanan Bhalerao (PT).


Ms. Vahbiz Bharucha is Student of  Sancheti college of physiotherapy Pune. She very Active in sports. She doing Bachelor of Physiotherapy in our institute.  She managing her studies and sport activity very well. We are are proude  of her achievements. Her achievements in sports so far are …

Handball –
In 2006 i played my 1st ever nationals tournament in the sport handball .
This tournament was held in Chattisgarh . Maharashtra team stood 2nd amongst 15 teams . An india team was selected in which i had been a probable but due to no funds , the team was never sent .
After this i played in the years 2007 in Bilaspur and 2008 in Delhi as well .  Delhi was a big tournament where all other sports as well were being conducted . It was unfortunate but we lost in the semi finals . In this year (2008) , i was chosen to be captain of team Maharashtra.
Rugby –
Rugby happened to me in the year 2009 (20 March).
I played in the nationals that was held in Mumbai in May 2009 at the Bombay Gym ground. It was my 1st ever rugby tournament and there was so much excitement, anxiety , adrenaline rush ; but that 1st tackle , the 1st hit blew away all my fears !
After the tournament the 1st ever Indian Women’s Rugby team was selected and i was a part of it . I have now been playing for 6 yrs and these are the tournaments i have taken part in.
Tournaments played                                                   Place                                    Year
1) All India Women’s Rugby 7s                               Mumbai                               May, 2009
Tournament .(winners)
2) Asian Women’s Rugby 7s                             Pattaya, Thailand                    May ,2009
Championship .
3) All India Women’s Rugby 10s                                Delhi                               October, 2009
Tournament . (runners up)
4) Asia 3 Nations Women’s Rugby 7s                    Malaysia                            October ,2009
Tournament .
5) All India Women’s Rugby 7s                                   Delhi                                June , 2010
Tournament. (runners-up)
6) 16th Asian Games Test Series                      Guangzhou , China                July , 2010
7) Asian Women’s Rugby 7s                                    Malaysia                       September , 2010
8) Asian Women’s Rugby 7s                                   Singapore                       October , 2010
9)16th Asian Games                                        Guangzhou , China              November , 2010
10) All India Women’s Rugby 7s                               Pune                              August, 2011
Tournament .(winners)
11) Asian Women’s Rugby 7s                                    Pune                           October , 2011
Championship , World Cup Qualifier .
12) All India Women’s 7s                                          Orissa                                2012
Tournament. (winners)
13) Asian Women’s Rugby 7s                                    Pune                                 2012
14) All India Women’s 7s                                           Orissa                                2013
Tournament. (runners-up)
15) Asian Women’s Rugby 7s                                    Pune                                  2013
Tournament .
16) All India Women’s 7s                                           Orissa                                 2014
Tournament. (winners)
17) 35th National Games                                            Kerala                                2015
18) Asian Rugby 7s Pre Olympic                               Chennai                              2015
Qualifier (runners-up) .
In the years 2013 & 2015 she was  Captained the India team .
Appeared in TV Shows –
1)MTV – Reebok MTV Ultimate Fitness Fan (finalist).
2) Channel V – V Distraction (winner).

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